The Training Concepts Career Skills Program Guide

Welcome active-duty service members to our informational guide on the Career Skills Program (CSP), otherwise known as the DoD Skill Bridge Program. In this article, we briefly discuss what CSP is, who qualifies for it, and how to get started with your CSP enrollment at Training Concepts!

What is CSP?

The DoD Skill Bridge program is an initiative to help transitioning servicemembers find career training opportunities before they exit service. CSP is the program’s name as it concerns to Army personnel, though servicemembers from any branch are invited to participate in the Training Concepts Information Technology CSP under the Skill Bridge Program. After receiving approval to participate from your chain of command, Training Concepts becomes your duty station for 8 weeks of training. In that period, you will take the technical courses CompTIA A+ (1001 & 1002) and CompTIA Network+ with scheduled time for group study sessions, exam prep, mock interview sessions, introductions to post-service employment opportunities. Lastly, you will take your certification exams. Courseware such as books, labs, and exam vouchers are all provided along with the classes at absolutely no cost to you. This program is one of the ways Training Concepts actively supports our friends in the military. Thank you for your service!

Who qualifies for CSP?

To participate in the Training Concepts CSP, you must be active duty and within 180 days of your separation date from the military. Qualification and acceptance into CSP are entirely contingent on your Chain of Command. Your commander is the only approval authority regarding participation and may approve you even if your circumstances are unique. You may be required to complete SFL TAP Career Readiness Standards requirements before receiving your commander’s authorization. Training Concepts approves only the most seriously motivated and career-focused servicemembers for participation in CSP.

COVID-19 Precautions

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Training Concepts CSP has adopted the same virtual environment as all other Training Concepts classes. Our classes are currently operation 100% virtually so you are no longer required to travel to the TC campus to participate in CSP or any of our classes. We do have virtual and on-site options for testing by appointment. Other than testing appointments, the physical school campus is currently closed at the time of this writing (December 2020). Training Concepts has not selected a date to reopen in-person classrooms, yet.

How do I apply?

First, you will attend a CSP briefing hosted by Training Concepts. Contact us to inquire about our next briefing. We’ll go over what to expect from the program and how to get started. Next, you will contact your duty station’s CSP office or Transition Assistance Center to complete the necessary application form. Your TC admissions representative will work with you and provide any necessary information for your application submission. To learn more about how to get started, navigate to the Army’s CSP website or the DoD Skill Bridge website.

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