Beginner’s Guide to WIOA Enrollment through SC Works

Welcome to a brief overview of the WIOA program offered by SC Works. Training Concepts provides this overview as a convenient resource for students with questions about what the WIOA program is and how to start the application process. Not every applicant is approved for WIOA, as eligibility rules apply.

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What is WIOA?

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federal program with the goal of providing financial resources for educational and training opportunities that lead to gainful employment to underemployed citizens. The South Carolina chapter of WIOA is administered through SCDEW at your local SC Works Unemployment Office.


For individuals living in South Carolina, you may be eligible for this program based on criteria that varies based on your employment circumstance and age range. There are three distinct categories of applicant: Adult, Youth, and Dislocated Worker. Click here for a comprehensive list of eligibility criteria.

Training Concepts aids numerous students utilizing WIOA, and our admissions team is well-versed on the steps of the WIOA application process. If you are interested in applying, learn what to expect and how to get started below.

Getting Started

First, you’ll give your local SC Works office a call and ask about their next WIOA workshop. Due to the pandemic, these may be offered virtually or over the phone depending on your location. Visit this page and select your region to locate the contact information for an office closest to you.

Once you’ve attended a WIOA educational workshop, you will schedule a date and time to complete a WIN assessment. You will be given three hours to take the assessment. A Career Advisor will also be assigned to you to gather information about your employment circumstances. Once you’ve completed the assessment, your Career Advisor will determine your eligibility for participation in WIOA and discuss your options for educational or training enrollment with you.

Check out this WIN Practice Exam if you would like to prepare for your assessment.

Enrolling at Training Concepts

If you plan to advance your career in Information Technology, Project Management, Human Resources, or Sales and Marketing, your next step will be scheduling a career consultation with our admissions team. At your consultation, you will talk with us about your personal career goals and we’ll explore how Training Concepts can help you reach them through training and industry-standardized, globally recognized certifications.

Once you are enrolled as a student at Training Concepts, if you were accepted into WIOA, you will provide attendance sheets and progress reports to your SC Works case manager regularly over the duration of your training program. The Training Concepts admissions team will also work with you every step of the way.

Click here to have us check your eligibility instantly!

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