Making IT Work For You: Five Tips to Help You Succeed in Information Technology

Welcome back to our Career Changers blog! We’re continuing our exploration of the Information Technology industry, and we’d like to shift gears and focus on what makes for a successful career in IT. Check out our 5 best tips for making IT work for you!

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1. Determine if IT is the right field for you

The most successful IT professionals love what they do. Deciding if a career in IT is one you’d enjoy and excel in is easy if you can identify your strengths and passions. If you’re a naturally curious person and often find yourself wondering how things work or how you can fix something that breaks, you may enjoy a career in IT! If advancing technologies and the newest gadgets peak your interest, IT could be the perfect field for you! With a wide range of specializations in the industry, there are numerous places for you and your unique passions to call home!

2. Pick up some certifications

Now that you’ve determined if you’ll enjoy a career in Information Technology, how do you get started? The short answer: Pick up some certifications. Industry-standardized certifications are the lifeblood of Information Technology. These certifications show that your knowledge is current in an ever-changing technological world. At Training Concepts, we help new and existing professionals train and certify using our instructors who are experts in their fields, without fluff courses, all in a timely manner.

3. Networking is everything

As a newly emerging professional in the industry, the absolute best thing that you can do is surround yourself with other professionals. It’s important to grow your network of others within the industry. These peers will help you problem solve, share seasoned opinions and advice and may offer new employment opportunities. If you haven’t already, consider creating a professional profile on a social media platform like LinkedIn to help you make these connections.

4. Develop strong communication skills

An IT professional is a quintessential role in the successful operation of most businesses. Communication is key in relaying important information to your team, managers and customers. The types of communication and customer service you are involved with will depend on your specific role, but having the ability to successfully convey necessary information will make you excel. All the technical know-how in the world isn’t worth much if it can’t be relayed to others! The most successful IT professionals combine the ability to break down complex issues into simple solutions with experience in communication and customer service.

5. Never stop learning

We’ve saved the most important for last. You must stay current! This means constantly learning information and re-certifying. Every few years, the landscape of technology shifts. Hiring managers look for up to date certifications that are verified by a third-party vendor and acquired through standardized testing. At Training Concepts, we establish lasting connections to help you stay ahead of the curve and current throughout your career.

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