The IT Industry: Fact vs. Fiction

Welcome to the new Career Changers branch of our blog! We’re excited to provide you with helpful information and thought-provoking topics surrounding IT and careers in the field. To start the conversation, we’re looking at common misconceptions around the Information Technology industry. Are you in the midst of choosing your first career? Maybe your looking to switch to a new one. Whatever the case may be, we think you’ll come away from this information with some new perspectives on IT!

Want to test your knowledge? Let’s play a quick game of Fact vs. Fiction: Information Technology Edition!

  • Fact or Fiction? You need a college degree to work in IT.
  • Fact or Fiction? You will only work for places like Google or Microsoft in IT, so you will have to relocate.
  • Fact or Fiction? All you will do in IT is stare at a wall of code every day.
  • Fact or Fiction? It is practically impossible to get your foot in the door in IT.
       Answer key: They’re all fiction!

Are you surprised? Information Technology is a diverse field that combines broad opportunities with endless options to create the field we know. Anyone with a passion for learning will be right at home. Now, let’s explore some facts about IT!

Fact: IT is an “Open” Career Field

The IT industry has an ever-changing nature. The demands and fluidity that come with the job differ greatly from other fields. Due to this, what many consider a “traditional college experience” won’t always offer all of the preparations needed to succeed in IT. While holding a degree in areas of study such as Computer Science will equip you with the foundations you’ll need, industry-standardized certifications are crucial to show employers you hold the knowledge needed to excel in your career. As an “open” career field, there are various ways you can enter into an IT profession.

Industry standardization gives your certifications value. It shows that the IT Industry recognizes you hold the knowledge and skills needed to succeed and that your knowledge is current! Like technology, the IT industry is always evolving. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is through industry standardization.

Fact: IT Jobs Can Be Found in Every Industry

While it is certainly possible that you could find yourself working for a tech-giant like Google, most IT jobs are not found at these well-known organizations. Think about your local hospitals, sports teams, grocery stores and any other industries that come to mind. Behind each of these, there are IT professionals responsible for keeping the infrastructure working. The constant and wide-spread need for their expertise makes Information Technology a recession resistant career field.

Fact: IT Professionals Can Wear Many Hats

There are many areas you can specialize in within the IT industry! Do you enjoy Project Management or Ethical Hacking? Maybe you have a passion for Cyber Security or Cloud Computing. In all these areas, you can find a wide range of roles with a high demand for filling.

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Fact: Training Concepts Can Get You Started

At Training Concepts, we strive to go “Above and Beyond Plus One” for our students. Whether you’re transitioning into a new career or looking to advance in your current career, we want to help you succeed. Making the decision to start a new career and beginning the journey can be intimidating. We focus our efforts on helping you achieve your goals while also establishing and maintaining a foundational relationship that will stay with you through the duration of your career. Your journey as a Training Concepts’ student extends past receiving your training and earning your certifications. We have job placement assistance in place such as our Prefer to Hire Program which helps you connect with employers and provide incentives for them to hire you.

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