8 Virtual Training Myths Busted!

Life has changed quickly over the last several weeks, but the demand for IT professionals to keep up with new skills hasn’t slowed down.  We understand that the ability to obtain that much-needed training in a flexible, convenient way is a new requirement.  For most, virtual training is the only option right now.

If you have never trained in a virtual classroom, or haven’t trained in one for years, you may have some pre-conceived notions about online training—many of which are either wrong or out-of-date. For instance, there are big differences between e-learning and virtual training. Do you know what they are?

We want to make sure you know the difference! To dispel any misconceptions, let’s explore eight common myths of virtual training and the truth behind each.

Myth #1: Virtual training isn’t interactive.

FACT: Training Concepts’ virtual training is 100% live and instructor led!  Our virtual platform allows students to easily engage with the instructor and fellow students. Just like any classroom training with a live instructor, virtual training provides avenues for both verbal and non-verbal communication. Non-verbal gestures can be communicated (e.g., raising your hand, yes/no) and students are always encouraged to speak up verbally or through the chat function.

Myth #2: The course I need requires too much hands-on activity to be effective as a virtual session.

FACT: Training Concepts’ virtual platform delivers the same technical labs and hands-on activities as our in-person classroom courses. In fact, some of our most technical courses have been delivered in a live-online format for years with high praise from students.

Myth #3: I can’t travel right now, so I should wait to book training.

FACT: You can’t afford to put your skills and certifications on hold. Our virtual, Live-Online training features all of the benefits of traditional classroom training, while allowing the flexibility to train from any location.  The same instructors you know and love are providing this training at the same level of excellence you appreciate, expect, and deserve.

Myth #4: I get distracted easily when I train online from my home or office.

FACT: Our subject matter experts are trained to keep you engaged and focused, even when you’re not in the room. Some features of a class will even be recorded for later viewing if needed. If you want to revisit a topic, or if you missed something because you had to step away, you can watch that class recording as often as you want.

Myth #5: Our company already has an e-learning subscription. We don’t need instructor-led training.

FACT: On-demand courses are effective at building emerging skills, but the lack of expert interaction and inability to tailor content to your needs gives virtual training a significant advantage when you need to build critical skills and ensure optimal understanding of the subject matter.

Myth #6: Virtual training isn’t tailored to my team’s needs like classroom training.

FACT: Our Private Group Training sessions are designed to upskill an entire team in the same training. Private training provides an environment geared toward specific skill needs. It’s ideal for a group working on a project, certification prep or campaign. Virtual private training sessions are also available so teams can train virtually from the location(s) of their choice.  Now is a perfect time to focus on training while working from home.

Myth #7: Virtual training is easier academically than classroom training.

FACT: Virtual courses deliver the same quality content and subject matter expertise as an in-person classroom setting. There is no drop-off in quality.

Myth #8: I’m not tech savvy enough to take a virtual class.

Truth: Our virtual classroom interface is clean and user friendly. It’s also quick and easy to join.  Our TC team is here to support you as much as you need, when you need it!

Check out a list of our upcoming classes, which will all be delivered in a Live-Online format or call us today to schedule a class at 803.772.6441.

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