Training Concepts’
Give Back Program

Training Concepts is striving to make a difference and extend a helping hand by offering $500,000 worth of free, virtual IT training to those adjusting to new work environments amid COVID-19. The training will primarily aid those transitioning into working from home or those who are currently unemployed. Changing lives through education is our passion, and we acknowledge that, currently, we are all being forced to change our lives.  Many are having to evolve what the basics of working looks like while many others are without work completely. For everyone, there is an undeniable wave of uncertainty and lack of control. Our hopes are that we can help you regain a small piece of control through our best contribution – education.

We are offering CompTIA’s IT Fundamentals which usually costs $1,800 to participants for FREE. It will be virtual classroom training led by one of our awesome instructors from the comfort of your home.

The course will be held May 25 – 27 from 9am – 5pm.

**After registering, you will be contacted by someone with details on accessing the course**

Course Description:

In this course, participants will learn essential skills needed to perform tasks commonly utilized by both advanced and entry-level IT professionals. It is the ideal first step for those considering a career in IT. Experienced IT professionals requiring a broad understanding of the field will also find it beneficial. The course focuses on information needed to identify and explain the basics of IT concepts and terminology, infrastructure, application and software, software development, database fundamentals and security.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Set up a computer workstation running Windows and use basic software applications
  • Understand the functions and types of devices used within a computer system
  • Apply basic computer maintenance and support principles
  • Understand some principles of software and database development
  • Configure computers and mobile devices to connect to home networks and to the internet
  • Identify security issues affecting the use of computers and networks

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals course prepares participants to obtain the accompanying certification. The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification can serve as a springboard for various IT careers. It ensures candidates are preparing for and grasping the building blocks of IT at a foundational level. The IT Fundamentals certification can serve as a stepping stone to higher-level IT courses such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.