Python Programming: Advanced


This course is designed for existing Python programmers who have at least one year of Python experience and who want to expand their Python proficiencies.


Course prices indicate course tuition and books only.


In this course, you’ll build upon your basic Python skills, learning more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming patterns, development of graphical user interfaces, data management, threading, unit testing, and creating and installing packages and executable applications. Python? continues to be a popular programming language, perhaps owing to its ability to get a lot of work done in few lines of code, and its versatility. Python is useful for developing custom software tools, applications, web services, and cloud applications.


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Module 1: Using Object-Oriented Python

Module 2: Creating a GUI

Module 3: Using Databases

Module 4: Network Programming

Module 5: Managing Multiple Processes with Threading

Module 6: Implementing Unit Testing

Module 7: Packaging an Application for Distribution


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