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Training Concepts is more than just a training provider, we are a leading edge consulting firm. Training concepts is partnered with top-level . We are also a technology consulting company specializing in designing and implementing solutions for your business challenges that lower costs, mitigate risks, and decrease on-going administration complexity.


The class is good for an eye to the future, the class is well taught and well presented.


Great class to gain the knowledge to execute networking and routing. Knowledgeable instructor who took his time on the curriculum.


This class gave me the tools to be successful on the PMI exam.


My course offered a practical approach to IT Management solutions.


My class was very insightful and I learned exactly what I hoped I would.


Class was well taught, fun, and material was presented in a well organized and clear manner.


This was a very informative class.  Dave has a teaching style that works for both the novice and the skilled IT professional.


“I learned a ton of great advanced features”



Great training. Very knowledgeable instructor


Larry was a phenomenal instructor.  He was truly knowledgeable and made learning easy.


Class was organized, very well taught, and class interaction was awesome.


It was a convenient facility which provided both an informative and learning-conducive environment.  Knowledgeable instructors provide an impressive array of visual and hands-on practicals to enhance the overall learning experience.


Attended one of the most exciting classes I have ever been in


The courses at TC are very thorough and the instruction very professional.


Instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject and gave great examples that you can relate the information to real world


I felt like a learned a lot in this class & I would recommend the instructor to my friends who want to take the class.



The Instructor was patient and know the material. He is very approachable and fun to be around. Great learning experience.


I learned a great deal on the fundamentals of networking, security and how data is transferred.


Society depends on electronic communication. Most jobs depend on software like Microsoft Outlook. So it is imperative to know the ins and outs of Outlook. This class was very informative and the instructor answered questions on Outlook that are common in workplace environment.


This class is an excellent class as an introduction to business practices. Larry was well organized, well instructed, organized, fun, educational, and well worth the time.


Great class with exceptional teaching methods.


Excellent instruction and learning environment


The information presented and delivered was great. Michael Thompson is awesome with his knowledge and was able to answer just about every question that was directed at him. If he didn’t know the answer, he would look it up and go over how he was able to make it work.


Great class, knowledgeable instructor, class time drew us into the subject.


The technical information that was conveyed in class escalates your understanding on the job. This gives the background information to begin taking on a more Networking role in the office.


“Ralph is a credit to this company and the only reason I come here. I have the option to go to Global Knowledge and others anywhere in the country I want. I choose to come to here solely for Ralph.”



“I absolutely love training concepts because the staff genuinely care & they calm & encourage me when I feel I will fail.”



Great staff and instruction.  Nice facilities.


Instructor was very clear, and his presentation was taught where you could learn and want to learn


Mr. Larry was very in tuned to his students, knew his crowd. He kept us focused by being engaged with group work and asked questions about our personal experience that involved PMP.  He is an excellent instructor/facilitator.


Great information, great prep for certification. Dave does a tremendous job explaining the concepts visually and giving real-world examples.


Great explanations, good examples, awesome practice, and thorough labs.


Instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class engaged by using many ways of motivating the students.


The labs worked out well in this class which helped reinforce the information learned.


Knowledgeable and fun instructors!


Fantastic training in a comfortable setting


Instructor displayed exceptional knowledge of the material.


Instructors are engaging and knowledgeable.


Very good introduction to Networking in a Windows environment.


The instructor set the tone and was very creative with the way he taught and made the class cohesive and have fun together. Time went by fast due to the way of teaching and activities that were interesting.

Microsoft Architecture & Services

As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, Training Concepts has the expertise and experience to help you use your Microsoft Systems and tools to become more productive, efficient, and secure. Let us help you meet your unique needs.

Microsoft Exchange
Whether you need to Upgrade, Migrate, or implement a hybrid solution, Training Concepts will meet the exact needs of your company and ensure your email remains confidential, compliant, accessible, and is backed up and retrievable.
Office 365
Let us help you make the most of your productivity opportunities by helping you leverage the Microsoft Productivity Suite’s availability, collaboration, and efficiency features.
Microsoft SharePoint
If you are looking to implement a solution to improve your business automation and workflows, improve your content and document management, or even use as your Intranet, our SharePoint experts can help!
Microsoft Active Directory
Our Active Directory consultants can assist with any Active Directory project, providing expertise in Active Directory migrations, design, configuration, single sign on solutions, troubleshooting, analysis, and health checks. We will ensure you are fully utilizing and maximizing the capabilities of Active Directory to ensure a secure, efficient, and easily manageable environment.


Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the business world, and a company’s security decisions today can dictate its security and resilience for years to come. Protection of your company’s data and intellectual property should be a top priority. Regardless of the industry you’re in, we can help you create a robust security environment that allows you to prevent, plan for, and respond to threats.

Identifying and understanding your company’s vulnerabilities and the ways they can be exploited by attackers is an absolute necessity in improving your overall security. With that in mind, Training Concepts’ security experts will simulate real-world attacks on your networks, applications, devices, and/or people to demonstrate your existing security level and show you what needs to be done to strengthen it.
Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability assessments can help you identify weaknesses in your network and security infrastructure so you can take necessary steps to prevent and reduce the risks of an exploitative attack. Our expert security team can provide breach simulation, risk validation, security controls assessment, and vulnerability discovery which will help you identify and rate your level of risk and vulnerability in your systems.
Remediation Services
Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, and Compliance Audits are only the first steps in addressing your company’s security needs. While our security experts are well equipped to help you identify all the areas that are a cause for concern, we don’t stop there. We know that remediation is crucial and we are here to provide as much or as little consultative advice as you need to address all of your security needs.

Virtualization & Cloud Services

Digital Transformation is driving fast and furious changes in the operating models of businesses across every industry. That leaves no choice but for IT to transform in response, and virtualization is the key to running consistent infrastructure and operations across data centers, private, public, and hybrid clouds.

As a VMware Professional Services Partner and VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC), Training Concepts is well equipped to provide consultative services to meet all your virtualization needs using the full suite of VMware products and services.
Installations & Upgrades
Our Network experts have the depth of knowledge necessary to help you design and deploy solutions that meet your needs today and will grow with you for tomorrow.
We are a proud Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and our Microsoft Experts are ready and able to assist with service consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery, testing and development, and dynamic data center implementation and support.
Cloud Solutions
With so many cloud options, it’s hard to know which solution will best meet your needs. Our Cloud Solution experts can help advise you on how to seamlessly transition to the cloud to improve your scalability, capacity, continuity, availability, and bottom-line profitability.

Network Infrastructure

Our team of Network Engineers is able to assist you with delivery of network solutions that meet your organization’s needs and requirements. Specializing in Cisco technologies, we can help you apply the latest data center solutions to support your network and its demands.

Installations & Upgrades
Our Network experts have the depth of knowledge necessary to help you design and deploy solutions that meet your needs today and will grow with you for tomorrow.

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